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HousePRO Annual Home Inspection Services in Florida

Annual Home Inspection in Brevard and Indian River Counties

Even minor problems with your home, when left undetected for even a short period of time, can lead to major damage and costly repairs. That is why it is a good idea to have an annual or at least semi-annual checkup on your home, just like you would get an annual or semi-annual checkup or physical for yourself from your doctor.

Water damage is one of the most common culprits and can come from many sources. A small leak in the roof, a small plumbing leak, leakage around windows, upper decks, or improper storm drains or drainage, can all lead to serious water damage. Water damage can at the very least cause mold and health problems and in the worst case scenario, can eventually destroy wood and cause structural damage and actually compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Another problem that may be minor to repair, but can lead to serious problems are things like worn or failed electrical components, or wiring that has been chewed through by animals. These are relatively easy to fix if they are found, but under the right circumstances have actually been known to lead to electrocution and house fires when left undetected.

Finally, your home inspection will completely check out your heating and AC systems and will be able to detect any problems that may be relatively inexpensive to fix but may be costing you major money every month in your utility bills.

Again, ignoring just the smallest of problems generally leads to much bigger problems if not addressed before real damage can be done to your home. The inspection criteria for the annual inspections is just as rigorous as the inspection you get when you either buy or sell a house and actually even more so, because your home has some age. We strongly urge you to have your home properly inspected at the very least every two to three years or less, in order to stay on top of any damage that may be occurring. Also, just for the peace of mind and to know your home is solid.

One-Year New Home Warranty Inspection:

If you have purchased a new home that is less than a year old, you want to make sure any warranty issues have been addressed prior to the expiration of the warranty period. This is usually one year and we MUST advise you, IF YOU HAVE A WARRANTY ISSUE WITHIN THAT FIRST YEAR PERIOD, YOU ABSOLOUTELY MUST HAVE A PROFESSIONAL, CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTION AND JUMP ON THE CONTRACTOR WITH FULL LEGAL FORCE. We will document and photograph your warranty issues and support your claim. This is the only way you will have any hope for any type of satisfactory outcome if it has to go to court. Most contractors are good about warranty issues, but let's face facts, there are a lot of unscrupulous contractors who will simply run out the clock on you and make patchwork fixes until the warranty runs out. This happens a lot! You are left footing the repair bills for a home you have bought and paid for with your hard earned money. To be honest, nothing makes us angrier!

Again, we will do a full home inspection and provide you (and the contractor if you desire) with photographic evidence of any discrepancies found that should be covered under warranty. It is advisable to let your building contractor know you plan on having a warranty inspection done and they may want to be present during the walk through. We will be there every step of the way to photographically document any issues we find and back you up.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors: