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"Chinese Drywall" Pre-Screening Home Inspection in Brevard and Indian River Counties

Most remodeling and new construction in the United States has traditionally been done using U.S. made drywall and sheetrock. But, the housing boom of the last decade and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina created a major shortage of U.S. made drywall and from 2001 to 2007 an estimated 110 million pounds of drywall was shipped to the United States from China. Unfortunately, these shipments of drywall were tainted with some kind of still unidentified chemical that emits a noxious, sulfuric gas that can cause health problems and actually corrode copper and other types of metal and damage or destroy air conditioners, wiring, copper plumbing, appliances and other electronics. A large number of homes in Florida were built or remodeled using this drywall and very soon afterwards, these homes started showing bad signs of issues and decay. This substandard, tainted drywall, then became known as “Chinese Drywall.”

Just because a house was built or remodeled during this timeframe does not necessary mean the house has “Chinese Drywall” but it may have the potential for it. Some of the indicators a home owner should look for if their house was built or remodeled during this timeframe is a smell of sulfur like rotten eggs, frequent sore throats, coughs, headache, itchy or runny eyes, or just more health issues than normal.

We can do additional screening for indicators that indicate the presence of Chinese Drywall. If we do find evidence that “Chinese Drywall” may be present in your home, we will recommend taking samples of drywall and send them off to a lab for testing. This lab testing is expensive, but at this time, it is only way to positively check for “Chinese Drywall.”

At this time many cases are being litigated and settled in court and judges are ruling in some cases that “Chinese Drywall” damage is covered under homeowners insurance. Although there is no guarantee, it is something you really must pursue and have your home inspected for, if you think you have “Chinese Drywall” in your home.

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