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HousePRO Phased Home Inspection Services in Florida

New Home Phased Inspection in Brevard and Indian River Counties

Most people have never heard of New Home Phased Inspections. This is another important home inspection service that we offer and can actually really save you from huge problems and headaches down the road.

What we do in a New Home Phased Inspection, is inspect the workmanship and materials used in building your home, during all three major phases of the construction of your new home, or any specific phase or phases you request.

In any new construction, there are generally three main phases of the construction process. Phase 1 is preparing all the underground work such as plumbing, etc., just prior to the pouring of the slab, (slab on grade is most common type of foundation construction in Florida). We will inspect all the work done up to the point of actually pouring the slab. Phase 2 of construction is the framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, ductwork, insulation and any other work done prior to closing up any of the walls with sheetrock. We will check all the materials used and the workmanship before any of the walls are closed in.

The Phase 3 inspection is done when the house is 100% completed, cleaned up, all utilities are on, and the builder has notified you they are ready for you to take possession of the home and move in. The last phase is actually done just a like a full fledged home inspection, just as if you were buying an existing house. For this phase of inspection we need a full set of plans and specifications to make sure the builder is in full compliance and you, as our client, are getting what you paid for.

Specific Inspection Request:

We also can also just inspect any specific components of your house that you want, such as just the roof, the electrical, or foundation as an example. Think of it as “a la carte” inspection. This can be done for a nominal fee.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors: