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HousePRO Roof Inspection Services in Florida

Roof Inspection

Time to time we get requests to do a roof inspection for either an insurance company or possibly for an home owner who is experiencing a problem with their roof. HousePRO is certified and qualified to do roof inspections for Citizens Insurance and most other insurance companies accept the form they use. Usually the insurance companies, before they insure your house, want to know the condition of the roof, type, what roof covering was installed, age, and approximately life expectancy. They also like to know if there are any signs of damage, curled up or missing shingles, if all the flashing is in place, and if there is any visible signs of a leak inside the house. Also they want several pictures taken of the roof from various angles.

However, don't confusion a roof inspection with a wind mitigation inspection. Wind mitigation inspections are more focused on how the house was construction and its ability to withstand hurricane force winds.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors: